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Colombian Singer, Composer and Actor.


LENNY FIERRO was the leading voice and image of the Colombian group KEMA for several years alongside the maestro JOSE AGUIRRE, director of the renowned NICHE GROUP, achieving national and international recognition with hits such as OBSESION, VEN & NOCIVO.

Born in the city of Cali-Colombia recognized worldwide as the capital of Salsa, he has more than 10 years of experience and has participated as a chorus girl in several world-renowned salsa groups.

THE NICHE GROUP, TITO GOMEZ, YURI BUENAVENTURA, MARIANO CIVICO, SON DE CALI, MAELO RUIZ, TITO NIEVES, JERRY RIVERA, did not hesitate to count on his prodigious voice on world tours and studio recordings.

In 2008 he consolidated his solo career in PERU with the first Latin pop production and achieved recognition as his first single was titled I HAVE the song with the most digital downloads in that country.

Last Release

Mil Capitulos (Versión POP)

Release: 17/09/2021
Record Label: Nelson Gómez Music, COL
Format: Digital download, CD
Certifications: RIAA: Gold

  1. Mil Capitulos (Versión POP) Lenny Fierro 4:04
  2. No Hay Problema Lenny Fierro Ft. Nelson Gómez 3:24
  3. Mi País Lenny Fierro 3:56
  4. Party Lenny Fierro Ft. Droom, Los Traviesos, Juan Carlos Ensamble, Yusty & Sammy 3:23
  5. Cuanto Valgo Lenny Fierro 3:37
  6. Nuestras Canciones Lenny Fierro 4:23
  7. Tengo Lenny Fierro 3:52

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